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Automated Data Collection

Automated Data Collection - HMI for over hoist

Automated Data Collection is perhaps one of the greatest untapped resources in industry today is the collection and utilization of production data. At SAC, we understand that simply logging data to an obscure database isn’t enough. Presenting data to the people who need it in a format they can easily understand is critical. By remotely monitoring your equipment, you can ensure consistent operation and obtain the vital information needed for optimizing your process. Proper use of production data increases production, quality and profits.

Process Monitoring

Automated data collection allows you to remotely monitor your equipment to ensure consistent operation and obtain the vital information needed for optimizing your process. Features include:

  • Real-time status reports
  • Historical collection/reporting
  • Alarm logging
  • Production reports
  • Automatic time studies

Alarm Notification

Have your SCADA automatically contact you in the event of an alarm. Messages can be sent to an unlimited number of pagers or telephone numbers based on the type of alarm, time of day or virtually any other criteria you desire.


We build even the smallest of applications with a foundation to allow your HMI/SCADA package to grow as your needs grow. Let us develop a professional HMI/SCADA package for you using Rockwell’s Factory Talk Studio, Panelbuilder 32, RSView32®, GE Proficy®, Intellution®, Red Lion Crimson 3.0, or Visual Basic®.

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