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Machine Control Systems

We are a full service systems integrator with years of diverse experience designing, installing, upgrading, or troubleshooting machine control systems. Since SAC was founded in 1996 we have installed or retrofitted controls for a vast range of the manufacturing sector. Film and paper, extrusion, unit assembly lines, process systems, and medical equipment are just a small sample of some of the industries we have served.

Machine Controls

Let us design your new system from the ground up, or from your detailed specifications. Are your existing controls outdated, obsolete, or require modification due to a change in the process? SAC specializes in controls retrofits for older equipment.

Our team’s years of experience means that we have had exposure to most control components and schemes used throughout manufacturing. In most cases we know which components are the best fit to replace those of years before. We know and have used most of the older communications protocols have successfully established links between new and older components.

With each SAC design a mindset is maintained on the fact that at some point service will be required, and the fact that the customer’s maintenance support groups will be required to work on our controls. Therefore, as the application allows our controls are not over designed, the programming code is well documented, provided drawings are well documented, and we only use quality components to ensure years of reliable service.

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